About Me

Junyuan Zhu
Graduate Technical Artist Student
Entertainment Arts & Engineering
University of Utah

E-mail: zhu@junyuan.me
Phone: 801-530-9969
8/2013 – 5/2015 Entertainment Arts & Engineering, University of Utah, US
Master of Science
9/2008 – 6/2012 Software Engineering (Media Art and Science), Tongji University,
Shanghai, China
Bachelor of Engineering
8/2011 – 1/2012 Computer Science, Illinois State University, US
Exchange student program
C++, C#, Java, ActionScript, JavaScript, Python, Lua, HTML5
Unity, Flash, GameMaker
SVN, Jira, GitHub
Maya, Photoshop, 3DSMAX, Illustrator, Sony Vegas

Project Experience
2014 Global Game Jam, EAE, Salt Lake City Game: IsMyFlyOpen
Awards: audience choice 1st, friendliest team 3rd, specialists choice 3rd
main game idea design, characters scripts including the reaction of the passers-by, helped with
sound effects and photoshoped the character pictures

2013 Prototype #4 Game: Protocol: Transcendence
Awards: Modev Windows $10k App Contest 1st Prize
main character scripts(moving), special ability scripts(teleport ability and etc.)

2013 Prototype #3 Game: Get Off My Lawn
wrote codes for most of the game mechanic including the moving and the path for the
enemies, all the health/fighting system of the enemies and towers, lights, sound meter which
calculates the point by the sound of enemies

Work History
6/2012 – 6/2013 Java Developer TravelFusion, Shanghai, China


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